Toni Braxton - “He Wasn’t Man Enough”

I’m not saying that deep cuts aren’t important, but the R&B/pop singles during this time period were so fire that I wouldn’t fault anyone for listening to playlists of this stuff forever. This is one of my favorite songs of all time. This song belongs in a museum.

Totally agree with Crystal. This was my album as a kid.

"Should white mom be paid for brown baby mistake?"

All of these news outlets are using the same headline, and I know there’s a better way to phrase this situation.

But ima chime in real quick since I’m using up data…

No, I don’t think Jennifer Cramblett should receive reparation for the sperm bank’s mistake because it’s been TWO YEARS since her child was born.

Like, you can’t return an item or get a refund after two years because it hasn’t been working the way you thought it would. You don’t order a product, receive the wrong product, keep it for a few years, then decide you want a refund. (That’s probably a bad analogy, but hear me out)

She knew a few months into her pregnancy that she was given the wrong sperm aka she should’ve sued then because she was officially having a biracial baby. And there’s no way she didn’t think about what she would have to go through to raise a black child in her predominantly white town and as someone who never really interacted with black people until college.

What were Jennifer’s options? A) sue sperm bank as soon as she found out about the mistake, B) give up daughter for adoption after she was born (which would look kinda bad, but better than now honestly), C) start researching how to care for her biracial baby and making sure her daughter’s self-esteem is elevated in a community that will lower it.

I’m not here to call this lady racist because she’s being honest by admitting that it’s hard to raise a biracial child in a racist/”stereotyping” community. I believe she loves her daughter. But it’s not fair for millions of other people who don’t receive reparations for society’s deep-rooted racism and inequalities. Ex: There are people serving time in prison for wrongful convictions who may never see the outside world again. And the ones who get out- how long do they wait for their reparations? They can’t get lost time back because none of us can.

If any reparations should be given to Jennifer, it should be resources (classes, books, etc) on being the parent of a biracial child in this society. Honestly, she waited too late for this situation to not look like a “raising my black baby is too hard after trying this out for awhile” issue vs a ” I received the wrong sperm/product and want a refund” issue. Like, black parents don’t get reparations for raising black babies, which is just as difficult when you know what odds are against your child the moment they’re born, so why should you?

Regardless of the outcome of this lawsuit, that little girl is going to grow up and find out about this one day. And idk how mom will explain it to her without saying a form of “you were a mistake”. I wish her well in life and that her moms will become enlightened on how to overcome the challenges raising her.

Selected photos from da Pacific.

Sooo I’ll have an update on LA life soon. My old roomie says I should make a blog solely about this move, but idk yo, what does he know? (Jk jk he’s cool)

Anyway, just know that I’ve only talked with nice people thus far, including my airplane buddy Ben who shared candy (non-tainted) and knew about TWLOHA and played Angry Bird Star Wars, the ladies I volunteered with at a cancer 5k/10k run and walk, and George at LA Fitness who’s trying to be an actor and go to church (idk what church, but there’s some hipster church down the block and I feel somewhat bad for labeling folks as hipsters ‘cause they aren’t that hip but they all look the same standing outside) and da beach with me or something. So far, folks are treating a sista nice. But the spiders are out to get me, so pray to baby Jesus for me.

Also, pray for me when I visit the hipster church because I’m mainly going for the free food and coffee, and I don’t want to come off as too obvious that I’m there for free goodies teehee. And I plan to take photos with no shame.



EPISODE 11 - Ashley Ellerson

Here is the eleventh episode of Swoonstep, a podcast where rad girls talk about music and cute musicians. This week we’re joined by Ashley Ellerson where we gab about the Chad/Avril divorce and Ariana Grande being called a diva. Ashley talks a little bit about her project chronicling music in Illinois and her focus on music that is regional rather than genre-specific. We’re also treated to a timeline of Ashley’s musician boyfriends, which spans genres much like her music project, going from teen rap to nu mutal to adult contemporary. It’s a lot of fun, y’all.

Ashley is quite the rad girl herself. The aforementioned blog focusing on Illinois music is Sounds of the Violet State. She also writes about all sorts of music for The Singles Jukebox. You can also find her on Twitter or Tumblr, where she does it all, serious and silly, repping for Chicago hard, gossiping about her mom and grandma, sharing resources about depression, and posting pictures of cute pups. She is fly & fresh, babely & cool.

Shoot us a message if you’re a rad girl who wants to talk about music and the musicians that make our hearts beat faster, and thanks for listening!

These awesome ladies invited me to talk about music and attractive musicians, sooo you should check it out! I can’t thank them enough for this fun chat :]

Shoot them a message fo realz if you’re a cool chica (basically most of my friends) and want to talk about music and cute people! (because deep down, I know we all want to talk about these things)

[Also, talking about Childish Gambino reminded me of that guy I met on the Spotify cruise in June, and I just hear him singing two lines of “Pink Toes”, then I die a little because I most likely will never see him again, and we coulda been poor social workers together saving the world. Le sigh.]


important. watch how you talk about the violence in chicago; understand where it really stems from. if you are blaming communities, get the fuck outta here.

I actively look for ways now to talk about who I am because I want to live as openly as I can, but I also want to inspire those who living and being themselves is a tremendous effort and takes a tremendous amount of courage.

Tegan and Sara, “It Got Better" series

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