First Day of Classes of Spring Semester

I think this semester is going to be good, so far. It definitely feels like it’ll be better than last semester for sure. I’m happy that on MWF I’m done with classes by 11, and I only have two back-to-back classes anyway- Spanish and Creative Writing. 

I’m not sure how I feel about Spanish. The professor was speaking in Spanish of course and asking us questions, and all I could think was “shit, what is she even saying?!” This class is also at nine in the morning, so… I’ll just try to dust off the cobwebs in the area of my brain that stored some Spanish knowledge. Otherwise, I might have to drop it or see a tutor every week or whatever.

Creative writing seems like it’s going to be good and easy. The class is small- 15 of us- and everyone seems nice. I’m actually in the class with one of my floormates from last year, so it’s cool that I already know someone. My professor is a nice guy. He called creative writing “useless” but told us not to look at that in a negative way because not everything that is useless is bad. He used as an example that a really good tree will get cut down so it’s wood can be used for whatever, but a sucky-looking tree will be left alone allowing it to grow and live forever. Basically, creative writing is unlike any other type of writing because it isn’t necessarily very professional or anything like that, and you most likely won’t make a ton of money from it, but as a writer, you’ll be okay with that. He explained this all better haha. Regardless, I’m excited for this class because we’re going to write at least two short stories, a few poems, and a one-act play. Oh my!

Tomorrow I have my two psych classes, so I’m excited for those, especially abnormal psych. 

Now, I’m just waiting for Criminal Minds to come on…

Also, I hope these SOPA and PIPA bills are just completely thrown out and burned to the ground so no one will ever think to come up with something this ridiculous again, but that’s wishful thinking. We’ll see.


  1. rafimusic13 said: Ooo ooo! If the spanish class isn’t too high up you should totally see me for some tutoring. Unless you know a spanish major or something. They’d be a better choice.
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