Sounds of the Violet State

Check out my blog for this music project I’m doing while I suffer from a horrible headache. It’ll be updated weekly (can’t promise daily).

Food, Thoughts, Life in General: Album Review: 'How Long' by Bradley Hathaway

Arkansas-based poet/singer/songwriter Bradley Hathaway released a new album yesterday. I wrote a review for it a week ago, but forgot to post it here. I’ve been listening to the album for the past 2 weeks, and I likes it (but I’m probably biased, so…). If you’re a fan, go support him :]

Elliott Smith: 'Mr. Misery' Revisited, 10 Years After the Singer-Songwriter's Controversial Death

In case you haven’t cried or felt your heart break today, here’s an article to read. If you desire extra feels, I suggest playing his music while reading. Tears on the keys.

Food, Thoughts, Life in General: 'Upstream Color': A Review

My mini review on Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color that I wrote a week ago. It’s less of a review and more of me stating how it’s confusing yet loveable. I included two pictures too, and who doesn’t love pictures? But for realz, you should watch the film (**it’s streaming on Netflix!!).

9 Destiny'€™s Child Lyrics That Belong in a Self-Help Book

I like Thought Catalog.

Food, Thoughts, Life in General: Remember Right Now- 10 Years Later

Sometimes, I pretend that I’m a writer and can intellectually write about my experience at a show. Really, I just write like the fangirl that I am at heart, a calm fangirl. Anyway, this is a post about Spitalfield’s show at Bottom Lounge a week ago and partially about Remember Right Now because I got carried away talking about the show.

A Leave of Presence by Roger Ebert

When I read Roger’s post yesterday, I wasn’t expecting for him to be gone so soon. But in reality, it makes sense. Even the fact that he titled the post “A Leave of Presence”- foreshadowing at best. 

I like how he said “leave of presence” rather than a “leave of absence”. He tells his faithful readers that he’ll still be around but not as much as before. With his passing, I’d like to see it as him being physically absent from this earth, but his spirit, his “presence” will still be with us. He’ll be right at the movies with us. 

So yes, Mr. Ebert, I’ll see you at the movies.

'Atheist' isn't a dirty word, congresswoman

This article. Just yes. I need to get my hands on Chris Stedman’s book.

I get down with Jesus, but I’m all about interfaith acceptance, tolerance, and respect. I don’t think anyone’s stupid for believing in God/Allah/Yahweh/Brahma, multiple gods, or no god at all because I see the validity(not sure if that’s the word I’m looking for, but you get what I’m saying) in all options.

What to do with all those Cook County judges on Tuesday?

To retain, or not to retain?

That is the question that will face Cook County voters 58 times on Tuesday, as they’ll be asked whether scores of county judges should be able to keep their gavels.

Yes, that’s a lot of names to keep in mind, on top of all the other pols you’ll have kicking around in your head. But fret not: a handful of Chicago-area legal groups have compiled information on Cook County judges up for retention.

Seriously had this issue this morning while filling out my ballot. 

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Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story | Video on


One of our listeners, Malachi, linked us to this video after listening to today’s Feminist Wednesday about the whitewashing of television shows.